Messing With My Mind EP

Released: Dec. 12, 2012

1. Running Away
length: 6.35
2. Running Away (Homeboy Dub)
length: 5.20
3. Tres Mal
length: 8.53
4. Tres Mal (John Heckle remix)
length: 6.23

Constantly providing quality over quantity Toby Tobias finally releases its debut on Burek.

And as his biography states: "Toby’s music is truly unique – in a genre now saturated with generic, formulaic music, Toby is one of the few who can claim to have his own sound"; so Toby brings to Burek its unique view on house music - tracks Running Away i Tres Mal.

Running away is a classic house peak time tune with a 90's bass line, wonderful melodic synth stabs and a vocal sample which at its peak simply drives people crazy on the dance floor.

Tres Mal wins the listeners almost instantly and has all the requirements to become a hit. Cleverly made arrangement, fat bass line and high quality production are filled with an exquisite vocal of Toby's close friend Be Atwell.

On remix duty we have two up and coming producers.

For Running away we chose a Croatian house talent Homeboy and he in return delivered a great rework, one of his best so far. In his hand Running away becomes a deep house tune with a moody ambience and structure in which dancefloor tuned chords from the original are turned to flow smoother. 

Without a doubt, John Heckle is one of last year’s brightens stars. His tracks on Mathematics and Tabernacle Records have been among freshest productions around. Remix for Burek we can describe as his journey into deep house with his very own euphoric touch.

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