Stand By Me

Released: Aug. 9, 2016

1. Stand By Me
length: 8.31
2. Life Awaits You
length: 8.11
3. Transatlantic Journey? We Been Here!
length: 7.04

California­ based producer Damon Bell could not find a more suitable home for his new 12” than Croatian label Burek. It’s his first one since “Blues For The Libyan” LP released in 2015. for Deepblak, and it sounds as if the time off was well spent. Two words that perfectly describe this record are “rich” and “colourful”, and the description is equally applicable to all three cuts. “Stand By Me” is a synth­ heavy piece built around the interplay between track’s rougher sounds and big lush pads. On the flip side, “Life” is slightly faster and more direct, with a wonderful guitar part that circles around the main theme throughout the most of the track. Similarly mannered, but slightly more intense ­ “Trans ­Atlantic Journey? We Been Here!” is the last piece and features an infectious groove with lead synth piercing through layers of delicate arpeggios playing in the background.

Copyright ©2012 Burek and the authors.

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