Pulsing Heart

Released: Jan. 16, 2017

1. Pulsing Heart
length: 5.06
2. Door Way To Her
length: 7.17
3. Aqua Lifeform
length: 5.07
4. Body Mover
length: 6.44

London-born producer Colin Lindo aka Nubian Mindz is not your average predictable artist. You know his stuff's gonna be good, but there's a solid chance you'll be surprised with a thing or two in every track. Similar approach applies here. Generally speaking, the music is deep and rich, yet very direct and club ready, but with plenty of those unpredictable moments which made us go crazy for these tracks in the first place. A1 - "Aqua Lifeforms" is perhaps the least intense cut on the record, a sort of a slow grower which builds up momentum by layering sounds and pads. A2 - "Body Mover" is exactly what the title tells you. Crunchy peak time tune for the dance floor, with shuffling broken beats wrapping around deep chords that hint what's happening on the flip side. B1 - "Door way To Her" is a nod to the classic deep techno chord-ish approach. Well, sort of. The song lets you think that until the first curveball just before the half of the track. After that, it's just deeper than deep. B2 - "Pulsing Hearts" is another well-crafted dance floor cut. The track moves from deep meditative vibe to subtle acid tripping, just to be finished with a proper bass workout. Overall, we couldn't think of a better way to mark the 10th Barba release

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