Released: July 6, 2015

1. Time Texture (Perseus Traxx remix)
length: 6.45
2. Spike Train (Florian Kupfer dubb)
length: 6.08
3. Time Texture
length: 6.25
4. Spike Train
length: 5.26

Cortex means the nerves in brain used for thinking. On fishing boat this part of brain can sometimes stop working due to lack of sleep and repetitive noise of sea. Alex Cortex is clever man who thinks much about music and also names because ‘Spike Train’ is actually a science word for what nerves do. This confuse simple fishermen at first because this track does not sound like a train, more like when you drive very fast and noises outside your window vanish fast into the distance so that you experience much in a short time. But does not matter as we like the sound - drums on this one are snappy and funksome with big deep bass and a lot happening to occupy nerves. As well as original there is nice mix from Florian Kupfer which is very much simpler and has loud scary kicks which are like the 90s gabber music but actually nice to listen to. ‘Multi’ EP also has ‘Time Texture’ which is maybe not so much a track for dancing to and sounds more like frog blowing bubbles in x-ray machine. Perseus Traxx takes this tune and adds a big descending electro bassline so frog can journey to centre of earth. People who wish techno to tingle head nerves and then forget about head nerves because body nerves are working should buy this record.