Eating Shells

Released: Feb. 15, 2017

1. Preminitions Of A Solar Blank
length: 7.27
2. Invisible Breaths
length: 6.49
3. Static Winds
length: 6.50
4. Walking With Slippers
length: 4.45

Marco Bernardi, a British producer with quite a flamboyant personality is no stranger to the Burek family. Having already released an excellent 2-part 12” series titled “Laffer EP” for Barba lastyear, it could’ve been expected that he’d appear on the mothership at some point. As on those two records, there’s plenty of synth action going on, although with a little bit more restraint and less roughness.

EP consists of 4 tracks, who’s names to some extent hint at what you might expect to hear when you put the needle on - “Preminitions Of A Solar Blank”, “Invisible Breaths”, “Static Winds” and “Walking With Slippers”. 
The opener, “Preminitions Of A Solar Blank”, is a wonderful and rich composition, with a melody-heavy approach which does not cripple it’s dancefloor momentum for one second. Masterful! “Invisible Breaths” is slightly deeper than the opener, with a subtle emotion buried between the layers of synth lines that organically unravel throughout the track. “Static Winds” is perhaps the closest to Marco’s earlier Barba output. A bit squeaky, a bit messy and properly mental with a devastating effect on the dancefloor.
“Walking With Slippers”, last track on the release, is a very direct one, with a straightforward beat and a heavy synth line which is just impossible to ignore.