Lurking Underwater (JTC remix)

Released: Oct. 12, 2015

1. Creatures From The Abyssus
length: 6.00
2. Lurking Underwater (JTC remix)
length: 6.18
3. Dark Lake
length: 6.12
4. Lurking Underwater
length: 6.03

Burek's sister label Barba on its fourth release introduces Heinrich Dressel, project related working name of Valerio, a force behind MinimalRome label from Italy. His productions have been gaining serious attention amongst deeper electro connoisseurs who appreciate almost cinematic feel but still with an eye on the floor which resulted in quite a few moody smashers released on various EPs in the past. Three tracks here evoking familiar feelings heard before but still somehow they all sound fresh and drag you in wanting for more. As if this wouldn't do it, there is first but, not last appearance for Barba label by mighty JTC who needs no further introduction delivering a remix. This time he cleverly uses sparse but recognizable parts of title track which he then transforms into relentless floor shaker where Detroit meets Chicago, if any such comparison needs to be made. Aquatic stuff !