Leko / Yako EP

Released: Jan. 17, 2011

1. Leko
length: 6.32
2. Leko (Homeboy&Pytzek Remix)
length: 7.50
3. Yako
length: 5.46
4. Yako (Duckbeats Dub)
length: 7.50

First Burek relese is mr. Srahil Velchev aka Kink! Hailing from Sofia, Strahil Velchev aka KiNK had been raving since he was twelve and started using modular software synthesizer at twenty. Few years later his first releases hit the shelves. Since then he has gone on to release on Ovum, Rush Hour, Pokerflat, Liebe*Detail, Classic, Mule Musiq and Dirtybird. KiNK describes his style as a combo of “Soul of the 70’s, the groove of house and techno, the futurism and detail of experimental electronica and the raw energy of acid.” The new Burek release, Yako/Leko, finds KiNK trying to step away from common club-oriented production and present himself in a totally different light. Yako is a dance mutant somewhere between speed garage, house, rave and dubstep that rips the dancefloor apart with its bassline and sends the crowd into a dancing delirium! Tune Leko on the B side is for those who are keen on deeper and more mellow sound. This track, featuring a lush driving beat laden with an infectious piano loop, brings the summer back! There are also bonus tracks - two exquisite remixes in their own right. The first comes from a gentleman who doesn’t need a long introduction - Chris Duckenfield. Chris Chris gave Yako a new garb, the one that Mr Duckenfield does best - acid! Pytzek & Homeboy turned Leko into a real club monster. They kept the infectious bassline, piano hook and the atmosphere, but reworked the rhythm section in a way that gave the track a whole new dimension.

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