Laffer EP (part 2)

Released: April 13, 2015

1. There's Always Tomorrow
length: 6.50
2. Two Sliders
length: 8.10
3. The Attack Of The Desert Stormers
length: 6.11

At Barba we are old wise men, not so easily excited. But nothing gets our old fisherman joints up and moving like three tracks of pure strong machine groove. In part 2 of the Laffer EP Marco Bernardi is going head down, straight ahead and striving for energy. Attack of the Dessert Stormers is an overload of dark electro power, six minutes of squirming bassline-driven movement with surges of intensity from analogue bleeps and subtle drum pattern shifts. There’s no let up on the flip side where Two Sliders brings equal force but in a more techno style. Right from the start you’ll be grabbed by the bassline, but this one rewards extended listening as the track develops progressively with new melodies and metallic touches taking you deeper and deeper. There’s a moment of sweetness to end our journey with “There’s always tomorrow”, a chiming melodic ramble through tinfoil meadows that will fit beautifully into a warmup set. Please don’t sleep on this record – it’s not often you see so much power and so much subtlety in the same package!