Humandrone EP

Released: April 30, 2012

1. Flash Jive
length: 8.14
2. Surf Around
length: 6.22
3. Cold Love Crash
length: 6.57
4. Stay Raw Wit Us
length: 7.19

After quite some time now, and after super successful Kinks debut, weve got Burek number two. This time, Burek is excited to present a young japanese musician Takaaki Shibuya Humandrone. Takaaki says hes obsessed with hardware and old school sounds, citing Blake Baxter, Mantronix and Carl Craig as his main influences stating he finds his own music to sound like science-fictional street music, and on his first edition on Burek we have a treat of four stylistically different house tracks common in their characteristic acid sound from which he draws his inspiration. Stay raw with us and dance!

Copyright ©2012 Burek and the authors.

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