Released: Dec. 8, 2014

1. Gyre
length: 11.48
2. Flow Pattern
length: 6.45
3. Eddy
length: 7.03

Burek’s first release was the triumphant “Neko/Yako” from KiNK. Can their new label Barba make a similarly strong first impression? “Anticyclone” is credited to LD Nero, a lesser known alias for a well known name, and if this EP is anything to go by we can expect deep musicality, varied output and subtle inventiveness from Barba. “Eddy” is the most forward leaning of the three tracks, dominated by a swaggering bassline that bowls along like an oversexed locomotive, and is sure to be favourite with anyone who dances mostly from the hips. It’s a steady builder, layering on softer organ stabs and psychedelic flutters to change the feel of the track while letting the underlying groove carry it forward. “Flow pattern” is slower paced, with a spooky bleep techno feel to the melody that is balanced out nicely by a warmer housey mood. The last track “Gyre” has a morphing rhythm that goes through three distinct phases giving dancers plenty to chew on, and and a high, sweet, insistent melody that isn’t deployed until the later half of the journey. And journey it is, the track genuinely shifts patterns and moods, not just adding on extra instruments to create a very powerful listening experience, while not lacking dance floor power. Overall a great package of intensity, emotion and depth and recommended for anyone who rates quality over genre or trends.