Thixotropic Trax

Released: March 9, 2017

1. Shear Wave
length: 9.39
2. Rheometric
length: 6.38
3. Oscillon Master
length: 6.08
4. Strain Rate Tensor
length: 3.04

Alex Cortex delivering the heat!! Mr Cortex is kicking hard with a direct and mental techno tracks! Oscillon, A1, is a bleepy affair, direct and repetitive, but please, play it loud and watch. Rheometric is in the same alley as Oscillon but bringing the bleeps and glitches trip even more in your face. Combined with the fat but quirky bassline, it does the peak time techno thing extremely well. B1's title "Shear Wave" does the track justice. Backed by a fat downtempo beat, the distorted 303-reminiscent synth line cuts through the mix in a way that's impossible to ignore. Strain Rate Tensor rounds up the previous three cuts, also in a very dancefloor-friendly manner. Bubbly main lead and anxiety-inducing pad sneaking in the background seem to be the main thing, until another synth hits you as a counterpoint and flips everything upside down. Proper no-nonsens stuff!!