About You EP

Released: May 7, 2018

1. I Want
length: 6.45
2. Ghost
length: 5.42
3. Abourisha
length: 6.15

After numerous successful records on Ron Trent's "Future Vision" label, Volcov's "Neroli", DeepArtsound, Perpetual Rhythms, Osunlade's "Yoruba", and many others - "About U" is Trinidadian Deep's first release for Croatian label Burek.

Born and raised on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, today a place this producer calls "home" is found on various locations scattered all over the globe and a variety of influences is what is immediately evident by rich sounds and textures engraved onto this piece of vinyl.

A side, "I Want" is the most laid-back moment, in lack of a better term. Warm-sounding tribal percussions supporting the interaction of deep chords and wonderfully lush synths running thought the whole track only to get enriched with a beautiful piano line in the 2nd half. If there is track fitting to represent the sunset, that transition from day to night moment - "I Would" is the one.

B1 "Ghost" is the track on the record with the most forward-momentum. Deep tribal rhythms and lush synth lines are a sort-of a leitmotif on this record and are present here as well, with an occasional vocal snippet that only deepens the magic.

B2 "Abourisha" makes good use of those leitmotifs in a similarly effective but overall quite different manner. Broken rhythm gives it a slightly different energy, making it an ideal track for those 5 am moments when a track like this marks the night.

Copyright ©2012 Burek and the authors.

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