A naturally gifted musician and composer, Homeboy spends 99% of his life eating, breathing and even sweating music. He’s equally at home crafting music for commercial purposes or making his first love, underground disco and deep house. Homeboy’s productions evoke the sun-kissed vibes of the Adriatic coastal nation that is his home and his live-sets have made waves across Europe, with props being earned from the likes of the UK’s Jimpster and Hypercolour team as well as heads who are truly in the know in New York City.  


Born in 2006 Homeboy started taking over Marko Pelaic' musical personality alowing him to focus on contagiously playful, danceable music. Honestly, Homeboy was always around: he's been following and nurishing Marko's musical growth through completely diverse bands genre vise, giving him time and space to notice his true calling was in absorbing all the bascis house music had to offer and adopting it to his personal style. Homeboy owns that style now though he lets Marko experiment with his sounds. Homeboys style's been recognized by Wolf Music, Hypercolour, Speak Recordings, Burek and is now, thanks to Marko and his two co -founder friends, giving his musical imprint to House is OK label. Homeboy performs his music live. For his performance he uses a laptop wired to synthesizers, drum machines and effects. Eclectic and seriously danceable, often playing with the boundaries of different genres like House, Techno & Disco.

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