During its 6 years of activity, Burek became an internationally acclaimed platform and a mandatory stop for dance music lovers all across the globe. Such reputation was built on the premise of releasing music which both of the founders, Mislav and Pytzek, love and truly believe in. That same mind frame directed them towards expanding the family with two sublabels, “Barba” and “Pomalo”, each presenting a somewhat different sound and allowing them to close the circle of genres they both are influenced by.

Today, “Burek” stands for house, techno, soul, disco and all the stuff in between, produced by artists from all over the world and released on wonderfully sounding and looking pieces od vinyl.



Mario Kolonić Pytzek

If you are looking for an international star of the future, one contender and serious talent is Pyztek from Zagreb, Croatia. Small but deadly, this Croatian DJ stayed consistent in embracing tech house, house and disco personal flavored sounds. His already sent him out to London, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Istanbul, Munich, Vienna, Milan, Serbia, Belgrade, Budapest, Toulouse to name a few. He use to work in underground club named SIRUP in Zagreb, the best small club in Croatia’s capital where the elite international DJs and breaking talent have graced their decks. Pytzek recently  created a brand new music labels called ‘Burek & Picakat’. 1st Burek EP release is out now and introduces the very talented up and coming artist and producer 'Kink" from Bulgaria who has released material on Ovum, Get Physical, Dirty Bird. Leko is the stand out track and soon to be
anthem with the remixes supplied from Chris Duckenfield, Homeboy and Mr. Pytzek himself...with stella feedback and quotes from the likes of Ben Watt, Erol Alkan,  Sweeny, Soul Clap, AudioJack, Jimpster....the list is endless. 

After Kink Burek will release Humandrone, Vadegor and Toby Tobias more to come so watch this space.

Mislav Bobić

Mislav is still enthusiastic about music today as he was in his early beginnings some twenty years ago when started collecting records. He left his mark in clubbing scenes wherever he lived in the past, as with his project known as Mugic Soundsystem in Singapore. With his partners in crime for the past 6 years, Mugic Soundsystem has been pushing already notorious nights in Singapore known for its raw energy, own-built Klipsch vintage soundsystem and wide musical repertoire consisting of uncompromising mixture of electric funk, electro, house/techno hybrids, disco, various leftifield and obscure disco/punk/nu wave oddities thrown in for proper musical journeys, keeping open-minded listeners entertained throughout the night. Now seems he got his eyes on Bali Island where he moved end of 2013. When playing out, you never know what to expect from the man, but be ready for raw energetic music greatly influenced by sounds originating from Detroit, Chicago, Hague and New York. In 2012, Mislav partnered up with Pytzek and is now co-running Burek label plus assists with DJ Agency. After embarking on an A&R role in 2013 for a techno leaning sister label Barba, latest project is Pomalo!, a new sister label from Burek camp focusing on dance music for grown-ups.





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